Cold Cathode Feature @

Cold Cathode Lighting System is a very popular lighting which is perfect for both exterior and interior applications.
Long Life
We produce the extremely long life cold cathode lighting. Our Cold Cathode Lamps possess a superior operation life span, around 30,000 hours, which are not affected by the number of time they are switched on and off.
Wide Range of Colors
We combine the best colors of up to 60 colors for your selection. Color sample will be provided upon request. Lighting effect testing is available at our laboratory.
Our Cold Cathode Lighting System is adaptable to most of the advanced lighting control system. The light level of cold cathode can be adjusted from 5% to 100% as you please. By setting different programmable dimming system, you may make your own specified level of light, form special color lighting atmosphere and create multi-color changing effect for interior or exterior architectural features.
Shape Flexibility
Each Cold Cathode Lamp may be sized or bent into most configurations or shapes as required by the architects and designers.
Butt Joint Cold Cathode Produces No Dark Zone between Tubes
Cold Cathode Lamp may be fabricated to ensure that each lamp butts up to its neighbor  to provide a continuous line of unbroken light which has been widely used in the recess lighting.
Instant Start
Cold Cathode Lamps starts up immediately at switch on.
Flexible Space
Cold Cathode System allows the designer to install transformers remotely from the lamp runs.
Less Thermal Build-up
Illumination provided by Cold Cathode Lamp is "cool" by nature, easy on eyes and does not possess the surface glare. Because of the feature of low temperature, Cold Cathode can minimize the discoloring of paints and wall paper.
Less Power Consumption
The running cost of Cold Cathode Lamp is saved by as much as 75% compare with that of the flourescent lamps.