Electro Luminescent (EL) Lighting    

Affordable Beauty & Visibility: --  
  • Low installed cost with minimal maintenance requirement
  • Low energy cost per visible light unity (foot lamberts)
  • High contrast laser like light provides crisp visibility for miles, even in bad weather
  • Many colors available, and several colors can be combined within one lamp run
  • Lengths of hundreds of feet with consistent, even, light throughout

Easy Installations & Maintenance: --
  • Systematized part and material selection for all applications
  • Field modifiable, up to 500 feet between connections
  • ONLY simple common installation tools are needed
  • Thin, flexible and compact; simple, robust and reliable
Safe & Efficient: --
  • Visible through smoke, haze, fog and bad weather (perfect for safety lighting
  • Unbreakable, Water-resistant, Long Continuous runs with no line loss
  • 99% energy conversion to light (No heat)